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Guardian Ring.gif The Guardian Ring is a Ring found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. The Guardian Ring can be found in a treasure chest in the earlier parts of the Yampi Desert.

The Guardian Ring is unusual among Rings in that it doesn't have to be used to activate its effect (The only other Ring that behaves this way is the Cleric's Ring). Having the Guardian Ring equipped increases its wearer's Defense by 4, and their maximum HP by 20. It can be bought for 1700 coins and sold for 1275 coins.

The Guardian Ring is often hailed as being one of the best Rings available, as if given to a weaker character, it can greatly improve their chances of surviving heavier battles. The Ring is often given to Sheba as soon as it's found, automatically putting her stamina well above its normal level. Because it is found at such an early point in the game, the Ring also has a long time to be used, making its usefulness grow even more.

It is recommended to use the glitch in Trial Road to make several copies of the ring, since it is the only ring in TLA to confer passive stat increases and only 1 copy naturally exists. However, this is something of a novelty, since by the time the glitch can be performed characters will benfit only slightly from the defense and HP boosts.

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