Halt can be used on objects that move when you don't want them to, like some Djinn in both games.

Halt The Halt Psynergy is a Utility Psynergy introduced in Golden Sun. An Adept can obtain it if he or she is equipped with the Halt Gem item, which is found in a treasure chest in Vale Cave. It is of the Jupiter element.

The Halt Psynergy causes a target in a non-battle environment to become immobile in some fashion. If used on a townsperson, that townsperson will flash and when you talk to him he will only say the first word of what he would normally say in that instance, followed by an ellipsis. More practically, it can be used to keep a Djinni keeping its distance away from you shut in one idle position so you can actually reach it (this occurs twice in Golden Sun), and it can cause the automatic statues in the fourth floor of Crossbone Isle to stay put and not block your path. It can also be used to stop certain obstacles in the Colloso competitions by using it on the man with the levers. The Halt Gem and its Psynergy can appear in the inventory of Isaac's party in Golden Sun: The Lost Age if any form of data transfer is used, although it is not needed for any dungeon. Interestingly, this utility can allow the player to "talk" to Djinn in both games that do not need to have Halt cast on; for example, the Venus Djinni found in Vault. This "talking" is really only the portrait, and the text reads "...". This makes it the only time other than when acquiring the Djinni for the first time that these portraits can be viewed.

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