Golden Sun Universe

A grand building with many domes, Hammet Palace is testament to Hammet's business skills.

Hammet Palace is the capitol of Kalay and is the ruling house where Master Hammet presides over the town. It is a multi-story structure lit by torches on the inside, and it is complete with multiple indoor fountains that are filled by water channelled from a nearby lake via the Kalay Tunnel. The palace is connected to these tunnels in a fashion that allows Hammet to secretly enter and exit his palace.

When Hammet is held hostage by Dodonpa's men in Lunpa, Lady Layana is fearful that if she acts openly, Hammet will be injured by his captors, and is thus unable to send out Kalay's soldiers to rescue him. If Isaac chooses to free him from his prison by completing the optional dungeon, Lunpa Fortress, Hammet will returns to his palace via the underground Kalay Tunnel. Out of fear of discovery by Dodonpa's spies in Kalay, Hammet remains inside the palace for the rest of the events of Golden Sun. Hammet's return is so secretive that even the guards standing by the front door of his mansion do not realise he is back, and continue to talk about their desire to rescue him.

  • Nut.gif Nut: In a barrel to the lower right near the woman at the fireplace.
  • Water Jacket.gif Water Jacket: Found in a treasure chest in the bottom-left room of Hammet's Palace.