Golden Sun Universe

Hesperia Settlement is a "house" of sorts constructed into a hill at the southwestern tip of Hesperia, and is an explorable location in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is inhabited by a nuclear family of three, who essentially inform the player about how Shaman Village (also in Hesperia) can only be reached by crossing through a certain cave, and how the people there are borderline xenophobic due to a terrible massacre they once suffered at the hands of foreigners. 

Hesperia Settlement is not a major town or city of the game, but is home to the mars djinni, Tinder.

The most noteworthy feature of the Hesperia Settlement is the Mars Djinni Tinder

Location of the settlement


Mars djinn.gif Tinder: Located on a ledge that is accessed by using Growth to reach the crate atop the cliff, which once pushed off the leftmost edge and Moved once space right, will serve as a platform enabling the player to acquire the Djinni.
Coin.gif Also within this settlement is a chest containing 166 coins.

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