Golden Sun Universe

Indra is probably the smallest continent in Weyard, though Atteka is arguably as small. It resembles India in the real world, it's name resembles the word India, and the town of Madra in southern is also the name of a country in the Indian epic, the Mahabharata. This is where Felix, Jenna and Sheba start their journey in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In that game, Indra had recently been affected by a large tidal wave. Indra is home to only three settlements of people.


Indra is generally unassuming compared to other continents, and it's only real features are a mountain range that separates the northern side of the continent from the southern side, in that mountain range, the Dekhan Plateau, an extremely high area of raised land one must traverse to get from the northern area to the southern, and a huge series of cliffs and ridges joining it to Gondowan on it's western tip. Of note is that the peninsula of Idejima formerly joined to Gondowan's east coast is now joined to Indra's northern tip.

Due to a large earthquake and events at the end of the first Golden Sun game, the entire continent of Indra moved southward and wedged itself between the continents of Osenia and Gondowan. This created huge ridges and cliffs between the three continents, allowing land travel to areas towns that normally would have required a journey through the sea.

Overworld Regions

Indra can be divided into two major areas according to the monsters that are encountered there, and it's own geography.

Northern Indra

Northern Indra is where Dalia is located, east of there is a dungeon called the Shrine Of The Sea God, while south is Kandorean Temple and it's cave system, further south still is an entrance to the Dekhan Plateau.


Southern Indra

Southern Indra is home to the mid-sized town of Madra which also contains the Madra Catacombs, from Madra, east is the Gondowan Cliffs, while west is the Madra Drawbridge and then the Osenia Cliffs. This region also contains Indra cavern, a small cave in the mountains.