Jenei are group of people who were believed to be the legendary ancestors of modern day Adepts. The Jenei were said to have once ruled the world, and with their powers, they created various machinery that harnessed the power of the elements. It is implied that the Jenei were divided into various tribes, each of which ruled various portions of the world. One tribe of Jenei, known as the Neox, was noted to specifically watch over what is now known as the Ei-Jei region, and was allied with the Exathi, a race of skilled craftsmen. Over time, the Jenei became dissatisfied with simply ruling, and made an attempt at omnipotence by attempting to control the fundamentals of Light and Darkness. The resulting cataclysm led the Jenei to lock up the machines responsible, in the hopes that they would never be used again. At a later time, constant warfare led a group of people to seal away Alchemy, which would eventually result in the disappearance of most members of the race. Left behind were small groups of Adepts located near powerful sources of Psynergy. In addition, the Jenei left behind certain aspects of the culture for usage by future generations.

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