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Justin (ヒエイ Hiei) and Megan (ムギ Mugi) are two children from Imil. They are students of Mia, who has taught them to be healers, and are found in the Imil Sanctum. They are the two youngest members of the four remaining known survivors of the Mercury Clan. When Mia left Imil, she left them in charge of the Imil Sanctum, where they promised to do their best.

They are seen once again at the end of The Lost Age communicating with Mia. They told the party that a floating rock thing came into their dreams and told them to warn people to get away from the Mercury Lighthouse. They also say that the floating rock thing told them that all of the lighthouses are about to become unstable, and that they would be able to talk with Mia at the lighthouse.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite the fact they are supposedly Mercury Adepts, Justin and Megan's sprites are depicted with blonde and orange hair, instead of the common blue or blue-green hair that Mercury Adepts usually have.
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