Kaba is the grandson of Ikan, the head storyteller of Harun Village.

Story[edit | edit source]

Just prior to the Grave Eclipse, Kaba and his father went out fishing. The two were caught in the storm when the Eclipse hit, but were able to beach their boat on the western end of Harun Island. Kaba would then drag his father, who had injured his leg, to Harun Channel, where the two remained for some time. Having heard of their disappearance from Ikan, Matthew's party arrives. Rief is able to use his Psynergy to heal the father's leg, and the two quickly return home. This relieves Ikan and prompts him to share the legend about how Warrior's Hill has a treasure that will allow Matthew's group to find some way to combat the newly unleashed Grave Eclipse, as well as give them the Watchtower Key needed to retrieve it.

It should be noted that Kaba is somehow able to physically see Psynergy, which he perceives as "Light." This ability is first revealed during his and his father's rescue. Kaba is able to see Rief's healing Psynergy (presumably Ply or a related Psynergy) as it heals his father's injured leg, while the father only notices that his leg is healed. The Adepts note it is usually impossible for a non-Adept to see Psynergy with their own eyes, opening the possibility that Kaba may be an Adept unaware of his own powers. On the other hand, if Kaba is not an Adept, he possesses a rare ability never previously seen in the series.

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