Golden Sun Universe

Kaja (カジャ Kaja) is a boatsman who works for the ferry service that runs in between the Kalay Docks and Tolbi Docks across the Karagol Sea along with the Tolbi-bound Ship captain, and is an NPC appearing in Golden Sun. Kaja is very experienced in handling boats and has combat abilities. When Isaac's party takes the ferry service across the Karagol, Kaja conscripts Isaac's crew as warriors (at Sean's suggestion) to protect the oarsmen below-decks from sea monsters that attack the ship on its course. Strangely, he seems to somehow know how much combat Isaac's party has seen, conceivably to assure the captain.

After completing their journey to Tolbi's Docks, Kaja, along with the captain, refuses to take the ship back out to sea. This, along with the landslide that blocked Silk Road, results in the tour group getting stranded in Tolbi even after Colosso finishes. The understandably upset customers have a rather heated argument, which Isaac will overhear if he return to the docks after completing Colosso.


  • Aboard the Tolbi-bound ship
Kaja: "Isaac and his friends have seen more combat than even I have, so there's nothing to worry about."