Golden Sun Universe

On the Eastern side of the Karagol Sea, Kalay Docks is an important alternative to Silk Road when travelling between Kalay and Tolbi.

Kalay Docks (カレイの船つきば Kalay Wharf) is a port operated by Kalay and located at the eastern end of the Karagol Sea. It runs a ferry service via the Tolbi-bound Ship across the Karagol to and from Tolbi Docks at the westmost end of the sea.

Visible at the Dock's north end is the Venus Djinni Ground, but it is inaccessible upon your first visit here. The mudslide that prevents you from getting the Venus Djinn also blocks the beginning of Silk Road, which is why the tourists to Colosso must take the ferry service instead of walking around the Sea over land.

In order to get the tour group to come to the Kalay Docks, you must talk to the guy with the backpack in the Kalay inn, then leave town to trigger a cutscene. Next, go to the Docks and buy a ticket. After getting on the boat, the tour group should appear on the ship.

Obtainable Items[]

  • Boat Ticket.gif Boat Ticket: After the tour group from Kalay arrives to the ship, buy this from the receptionist in the building for 600 coins. Give it to the sailor blocking the boarding ramp to get onto the Tolbi-bound Ship.
  • Venus djinn.gifGround: Ground is inaccessible from your first visit. To acquire Ground, you must cross the Karagol Sea and arrive at the other end at Tolbi Docks, then on the overworld walk clockwise above the sea and enter Kalay Docks from the top.
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