Golden Sun Universe

Layana gives a ransom to Dodonpa, but to no avail, as Hammet is not released.

Lady Layana is the wife of the merchant Master Hammet. She is also a foster mother to Ivan. Scenes featuring her in Golden Sun show her to be a sensible woman who is capable of keeping Kalay running while her husband is held captive in Lunpa. She cares deeply for Hammet and Ivan, but she does not let emotions get in the way of common sense. When Hammet is captured in Lunpa, she gives Dodonpa his ransom money, but does not get Hammet back. Other than this, she undertakes no action, as she is fearful that Dodonpa's spies in Kalay would kill Hammet if she acted with open hostility.


When the party first arrives in Kalay, Lady Layana offers much insight into Hammet and Ivan's past.

Layana: It happened several years before Hammet founded Kalay... He was off travelling. Hammet felt he had reached an impasse as a merchant then. He risked his life on a journey to find a new source of business... He was in mortal danger in the southwestern edge of the world, when some Adepts appeared and saved his life.

He had lost consciousness. When he awoke, he found himself in their village.

Ivan: Just a moment, am I from that village?
Layana: Yes. The Adept gave him the Shaman's Rod and you... along with some doubloons.
Mia: Doubloons... Were they golden doubloons?
Layana: Yes... Let's see... You are ...called...
Mia: I am Mia, Lady Layana.
Layana: It was a lot of gold, Mia, but he also received some business advice.
Garet: business advice? Hammet? The greatest merchant ever known?
Layana: Yes, Garet, Hammet has the Adepts to thank for his success.
Guard: Wow.. I've never heard anything like that...
Layana: He was advised to buy silk in Xian and sell it in Tolbi. To see anything sell so well, it's like a dream come true. There's no denying that was when Hammet picked up his knack for business.
Ivan: Did he have to promise them anything in return?
Layana: Ah, yes, Ivan... it is something you will need on your journey.