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Leather Gloves are a piece of Glove-class arm equipment available throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game[]

Leather Gloves increase the wearer's base Defense by 10 points. As a common item, they can be repeatedly bought from Vendors for 220 coins each and sold for 165 coins each.

In Golden Sun, Leather Gloves are sold in BilibinImil, and Kolima Village. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, they are sold in Alhafra and Garoh. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, they are sold in Kaocho. In its appearances, Leather Gloves can be equipped by all Adepts.


In Golden Sun, Leather Gloves can first be bought in Bilibin along with a host of other far stronger and more expensive equipment such as Bronze Shields. Leather Gloves will only be a minor upgrade from the Wooden Shields and Leather Armlet the party members will have. Meanwhile, the Bronze Shield will offer a larger upgrade for Isaac and Garet. Since the player will not have money to spare, in most cases, they would be better off buying Bronze Shields instead of Leather Gloves, while the player can buy Ivan stronger Armlets after Kolima is restored. When Mia joins the party, she will have Leather Gloves are her default armwear. When the player reaches Kolima, they can upgrade her Gloves to an Armlet.

In The Lost Age, Leather Gloves can first be bought in Alhafra, but stronger Armlets for Jenna and Sheba can be bought in Mikasalla beforehand, and the very strong Shield artifact Fujin Shield can be found in a chest in the Air's Rock dungeon in the area and equipped on Felix, so Leather Gloves are ultimately not so useful if these other things are taken advantage of.

As in prior games, Leather Gloves will not be very useful in Dark Dawn. The player will be able to buy stronger Bronze Shields for Matthew and Tyrell. Meanwhile, Leda's Bracelets can be bought for Karis and Rief in Ayuthay. While the player may choose to buy Leather Gloves as a placeholder, the player may prefer to save their money until they can get the stronger armwear.

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