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A Leda's Bracelet is a Bracelet-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, found randomly as a prize from Lemuria's Lucky Medal Spring. Visually, Leda's Bracelet resembles a gold armlet with a ruby and emerald set into it.

A Leda's Bracelet features a defense rating of 38, and it increases the wearer's Jupiter power by 30. It is bought for 5800 coins while its resale value is 4350 coins. As a Bracelet, it is only wearable by four Adepts: Ivan, Mia, Jenna, and Sheba.

When it can first be acquired, Leda's Bracelet is very useful on Sheba, bolstering her Jupiter abilities while providing good defense. It may be argued that this is actually the best Bracelet-class armor, because the Jester's Armlet's effects of 39 defense and adding 30 to PP are not considered all that major, and the Mythril Armlet, which has 46 defense and increases Critical Hit and Unleash rate by 10%, is outperformed by the supremely useful Riot Gloves, which has 45 defense and increases Critical Hit and Unleash rate by 20%. On an Adept that focuses on casting Jupiter Psynergy instead of attacking, this might actually be useful in top-level play, much like how the Big Bang Gloves are useful on an Adept that focuses on casting Mars Psynergy.

In addition, a Leda's Bracelet is comparable to the Aerial Gloves, forged from Sylph Feathers. The Aerial Gloves give one less point of defence, and boosts Jupiter power by 20 instead of 30, but unlike Leda's Bracelet the Aerial Gloves also increase agility by 30. As two Sylph Feathers can be found before the player reaches Lemuria, in Tundaria Tower and the Ankohl Ruins, it is possible a pair of Aerial Gloves is already in the party. It is up to the player if they prefer having a slightly smaller boost in Jupiter power in order to take advantage of the added agility boost.

Cultural references[]

In Greek mythology, Leda was one of a very large number women who caught the fancy of Zeus. In order to elude Hera's jealous eye, Zeus approached and seduced Leda in the form of a swan. Although one imagines that Zeus would have had to take human form to consummate the union, Leda "gave birth" to two eggs, each of which hatched two children. From one egg came the immortal Pollux and Helen, and from the other, the mortal Kastor and Klytemnestra.

It is possible, although by no means certain, that the Bracelet's Jupiter boost is directly related to the legend, since Jupiter was the Roman god conflated with Zeus.

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