Lonely Island Ruins (めだま島遺跡, Eyeball Island Ruins) is a dungeon location in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is one of several locations that holds a piece of the Umbra Gear. The Lonely Island Ruins are located west of Tonfon, next to the Endless Wall. Following the path just below the wall to its end allows the player to reach the area where the ruins are located. Like the other Umbra Gear dungeons, access to the Lonely Island Ruins requires the the use of the Search Psynergy, which reveals a bridge to the small island where the cave is located.

Walkthrough Edit

When translated, the stone table states that Adepts must be able to control their emotions. Past the tablet are three doors. The rightmost door leads to a chest with 321 coins, while the middle door leads to a chest containing Asura's Armor. Go in the left door now and move the column all the way to the right. Grab the Vial from the chest then climb up the vine. After jumping on the stone column, use Grip to cross the gap, then climb the vines to enter the next room.

The next room requires the player to solve a series of puzzles. First, move the two rock columns (One off of the column: Move it to the right. The second up on the second level: Move it to the right). After Slapping the clown nose, the statue will rotate to reveal a red face. At the same time, two fires will start on nearby pedestals. Douse the flames which rotates the statue to a blue face. Slap the clown nose again, and the blue face will start crying. This effect can be reversed by using Arid Heat on the nearby water bowl. The next face will be a purple face. Slapping the nose will cause a purple mist to appear above the statue's head. Freeze the puddle to create a pillar. This pillar will allow access to the platform next to the mist. Use Whirlwind to disperse the mist. After doing this, the face will lower, revealing access to the inner room which contains the Umbra Cowl.

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Trivia Edit

  • It is the only location that holds a piece of the Umbra Gear that is found within the Grave Eclipse.
  • It is also the only one that does not hold a Djinn of any element. Gaia Falls Islet and Snowdrift Shrine hold a Mercury Djinn each, while Burning Island Cave holds a Mars Djinn.
  • It is the only location that holds a piece of the Umbra Gear that requires Search to form a bridge rather than open the cave door.
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