Golden Sun Universe

The Lucky Cap is a Crown-class head armor found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. As a Hat, it can be equipped by all Adepts.

Basic Description by Game[]

The Lucky Cap increases the wearer's base defense by 33, and it adds 2 to the wearer's PP recovery rate and adds 8% to the wearer's overall chance he or she will Unleash his or her weapon when attacking in battle. It can be sold for 3900 coins and subsequently rebought for 3900 coins.

In Golden Sun, it is found in a treasure chest in the earlier frontal portion of Venus Lighthouse. Like all equipment, it can be transferred to Golden Sun: The Lost Age as part of a Password-enhanced game, which is the only way it is available in that game.

In Dark Dawn, it is found in a chest in Harun Channel.


While this item doesn't provide a luck boost, it is nonetheless a useful piece of equipment to be on at least one of your Adepts at the end of Golden Sun because of a solid Defense rating, a small and incidental PP recovery boost that's there nonetheless, and a small boost to the chance that the Adept's equipped weapon will Unleash, all in one package.

If transferred into The Lost Age, it will be obsoleted quickly because of equipment both with higher Defense and much higher PP recovery (Crown of GloryPsychic Circlet) and with higher Defense and Unleash rate (Mythril HelmDemon Circlet). Although, since the Mythril Helm can only be equipped by Isaac, Felix, Garet, and Piers, the Lucky Cap may be worth keeping to be worn by Ivan, Mia, Jenna, or Sheba to avoid wearing the cursed Demon Circlet.

In Dark Dawn, the Lucky Cap is one of three pieces of headwear, all singular Artifacts, that increases the Unleash rate. One of these, the Warrior's Helm, is usually given to Matthew. The other, the Demon Circlet, is not only cursed, but is only available after the main storyline is complete. Thus, the Lucky Cap is the only headgear for mage-style Adepts to raise their Unleash rate during the main storyline. However, it can also do well if given to Tyrell, especially if Tyrell is wielding the Levatine, considered the second most powerful weapon in the game. Its PP recovery is a useful if minor side-benefit. However, due to the Lucky Cap's comparatively low defense bonus, the player will need to weigh the benefits of the Lucky Cap's Unleash rate increase to the benefits of having defensively stronger headwear.

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