Golden Sun Universe
See also: Lucky Medal Fountains.

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Lucky Medals can be found in jars and crates all over Weyard.

Lucky Medals are small golden medals that act as a sort of valuable token in the Golden Sun series that allow the player to acquire unique equipment not found elsewhere.

Gameplay Role[]

They are found in chests and dropped from enemies (primarily Mimics or Rare Drops by Orc Lord) in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. They are used with Lucky Medal Fountains found in Tolbi in Golden Sun and Lemuria in The Lost Age. Many different and unique items can be acquired in both games, and the Eclipse Summon in The Lost Age. New players often sell these as they seem to have no useful purpose at the beginning of the adventure, but will be ravenously sought after once the player has tried the spring. They can be bought back in bulk from Item Vendors, fortunately. To find jars with Lucky Medals in them, or any item for that matter, the player can cast Reveal, so that item-containing pots will glow with a tell-tale golden light.


Lucky Medals can be found in (but possibly not limited to) the following locations;

In Golden Sun[]

Major towns: Imil, Kolima, Xian, Tolbi, Suhalla, Lalivero
Major dungeons: Goma Cave, Altin Peak, Tolbi-bound Ship, Suhalla Desert
Optional towns: Lunpa
Optional dungeons: Gondowan Cave, Lunpa Fortress, Kalay Tunnel, Crossbone Isle
Rare Drop: Orc Lord

In The Lost Age[]

Major towns: Alhafra, Kibombo, Champa, Izumo, Lemuria, Shaman Village
Major dungeons: Yampi Desert, Air's Rock (dropped by a Mimic), Tundaria Tower, Magma Rock
Optional towns: E Tundaria Islet, SE Angara Islet, N Osenia Islet, West Indra Islet, Sea of Time Islet, Gondowan Settlement
Optional dungeons: Alhafran Cave, Madra Catacombs (after obtaining reveal), Taopo Swamp, Treasure Isle

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