Master Maha is a werewolf (or lycanthrope) who resides in the village of Garoh as the town's chief. He has the powers of a Jupiter Adept. He usually tends to stay inside his cave during the day, as he was permanently transformed into the wolf form after he learned Reveal at Air's Rock. Travelers outside of Garoh who visit the village are unfamiliar with werewolves and, fearing what they can't understand, would cause riots should they ever find out. When the player meets Maha he presents them with the Jupiter Djinni, Ether.


Maha giving the player the Jupiter Djinni Ether.

Maha's TheoriesEdit

Maha is a bit of a theorist, like Kraden. Ever since he turned into a werewolf, he tried long and hard searching for the purpose of the existence of werewolves, as well as why he and his village were able to use the Whirlwind Psynergy.


Master Maha believed that transforming into a werewolf was just one way for humans to evolve and survive in life. Other living organisms have done similar things such as the butterfly and porcupine in order to live. The butterfly starts off as a caterpillar and turns into a cocoon and then a butterfly. The porcupine can roll up and protrude its spikes for defense. Evolving into werewolves was just one method for humans to change their physical appearance for protection; changing armor was another method.

Maha also believed that Air's Rock held a special purpose for Garoh. By using Whirlwind, you can complete the test of Air's Rock to learn the Reveal Psynergy. But it was most curious to him as to how his people were able to use Whirlwind in the first place. He suggested it had something to do with the power of werewolves and Air's Rock. Sheba later suggested that since there is a large Psynergy stone inside the center of Air's Rock, the winds from the mountain might have carried particles from the Psynergy stone and landed them near Garoh, allowing the people to obtain Psynergy from the stones.


  • Interestingly, Maha's name is an anagram of Master Hama from the first Golden Sun game,which is probably a coincidence, since her Japanese name is Hamo, not Hama, while he has the same name in both language versions.
  • Possibly more relevant, one of the possible meanings for the name Maha is "Like the moon."

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