Mayor of Madra
The Mayor of Madra is the young man who is working to take over the business of his father, called the Elder of Madra, in governing the town of Madra. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age he is a pretty important NPC early on, and is involved in getting the dread pirate Briggs jailed in the town of Alhafra. After Felix's party helps the mayor get Piers an acquittal and then helps Piers retrieve his stolen Black Orb from the Kibombo tribe, the mayor thanks their help by giving them the Cyclone Chip.


Mayor of madra

Even after travelling all the way to Alhafra, the Madrans never get to use their sailing ship, thanks to both the greedy Alhafran Mayor and the pirate, Briggs.

At (or before) the beginning of The Lost Age, Madra is attacked by Briggs' pirate crew, and the town is ransacked. Eager to pin the blame on someone, Piers, being a foreigner who is unable to explain where he came from, is used as a scapegoat by the angry residents. Knowing that Piers is not one of the Champan pirates, the Mayor of Madra pursues Briggs to Alhafra, but is unable to make it all the way there, as Briggs tore down the bridge connecting the two towns, and Yampi Desert was impassable. Fortunately, Felix's party was able to find a way through the desert utilising their Psynergy, allowing the Mayor to complete his journey. In Alhafra, Briggs is captured, and Piers is acquitted of any wrongdoing, so the Mayor sends part of his group back to Madra to free Piers. Felix also goes back to Madra, seeking to recruit Piers as an ally (or at least use his ship), but finds that Piers had left to Kibombo to retrieve his Black Orb, which was stolen from the Mayor's house while he was away.

Eventually, the Mayor returns, deeply apologetic to Piers and Felix, as well as thankful for their help in detaining Briggs (although he soon escapes), and as such gives them the Cyclone Chip as both an apology and reward. In the meantime, the stolen money is used by the greedy Alhafran mayor to repair his own town, rather than the sailing ship (which Briggs had bought with Madran gold and hence was now owned by the Madrans). Eventually the ship did get repaired, thanks mostly to Felix's efforts in dislodging the obstacles that were pinning down the broken mast. However, even then Madra did not receive the ship, as Briggs promptly escaped from jail and stole the boat, sailing it back to his hometown of Champa.

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