Golden Sun Universe
"A meteorite from deep space."

MeteorIconDD.gifSummonIconMeteor.gifMeteor is a Summon sequence of the Mars element. When four Djinn of the Mars Element are on standby, the Meteor Summon sequence can be activated. It is a recurring summon from the Golden Sun series.

Meteor has a base Mars power of 240 and also does additional damage equivalent to 12% of the enemy’s maximum HP. Meteor is the most useful Mars summon sequence and one of the most widely used of all Summons. It is twice as powerful as Tiamat, four times as powerful as Kirin, and uses only 2 times the amount of Djinn on standby as Kirin does. It can be very effective against many bosses in both games.


In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn it was extended to show that the meteor is sent by the actual summon, which is a sort constellation.

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