Golden Sun Universe

The Miko class series is the default class series available to the Venus Adept Himi. She is a member of this class series if she either has only Venus Djinn set to her or no Djinn set whatsoever.

When at its highest stage, the Radiant Miko, this class features a very durable PP pool, tying with most other high PP pool classes like the Wizard and the Pure Mage. Luck and agility increase above the average line. Psynergies of interest from an endgame perspective are Weapon GraceRevive, and the Roaring Dragon Psynergy series, which are the hardest hitting Venus psynergies in this class and in the entire series to date. This powerful setup is balanced by her fragility and bottom-of-the-barrel physical strength. The statistical average is about 143.33% (148% if not counting Luck).

As of Dark Dawn, an Adept in this class series is not all the more likely to be affected by any particular status condition or secondary effect.

Psynergy Setup[]

Lvl Psynergy PP Range Power
1 Star venus.gif Cure 3 Range 1.gif
2 Star venus.gif Growth 3 Range 1.gif 25
4 Star venus.gif Thorn 6 Range 3.gif 35
10 Star venus.gif Cure Well 7 Range 1.gif
12 Star venus.gif Mad Growth 10 Range 3.gif 60
14 Star venus.gif Briar 11 Range 3.gif 70
19 Star venus.gif Revive 15 Range 1.gif
21 Star venus.gif Weapon Grace 13 Range 1.gif
26 Star venus.gif Potent Cure 10 Range 1.gif
28 Star venus.gif Wild Growth 19 Range 5.gif 110
31 Star venus.gif Roaring Dragon 16 Range 3.gif 120
36 Star venus.gif Nettle 23 Range 5.gif 140
39 Star venus.gif Slaying Dragon 32 Range 3.gif 200
50 Star venus.gif Reigning Dragon 39 Range 3.gif 280


The Miko class series, unique to Himi, is the first mage-oriented Venus-based mono-elemental class. In some ways, it is similar to the Wind Seer class series, being oriented towards strong multi-target offensive Psynergies and useful support Psynergies. However, the Miko's lineup possesses more power overall. The Roaring Dragon spells are the most powerful Power-based Venus Psynergies. They are useful from the first stage on, and can overcome even the most Venus-resistant enemies with ease, making them useful for boss battles. On the support side, the Miko's unique Weapon Grace gives any chosen Adept an attack boost equivalent to two Impact spells, allowing them to inflict large chunks of damage. Like her fellow Venus Adepts, she has access to restorative Psynergy and can act as an emergency healer for single weakened characters with her good-to-go agility. She also possesses the useful Revive ability, and is the only Adept in Dark Dawn who has access to it even without any set Djinn.

Statistically, the Miko classes' main strengths are the high PP and speed. This not only allows the Miko to use their abilities to their fullest extent, but allows them to move fast enough to make use of their supportive Psynergies. The main drawback, however, is the extreme lack of Attack and Defense that the class possesses. The Miko is the most fragile of the mono-elemental classes, and will not be doing much physical damage.

While Himi's Miko class will get the job done, she has other options should the player desire a more rounded class. Himi's unique Curse Mage class series grants her more durability and physical power in exchange for the loss of her healing capability. Another option for Himi is the Ninja class series. The Ninja class provides Himi with the highest possible numbers in HP and Attack in exchange for slightly less PP. Should the player wish to have Himi play more of a support role, the Crusader and Dragoon class series provide an array of healing options while increasing her durability. Though both the Ninja and the Crusader have lower PP pools, Himi's naturally high PP stats help mitigate the drawbacks.

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