Golden Sun Universe

The Mythril Shirt is a Shirt available in both Golden Sun games. It can be won as a prize at the slot machines, located in Tolbi in Golden Sun and in Contigo in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and therefore multiple Mythril Shirts can be obtained.

The Mythril Shirt increases the wearer’s defense by 10 and maximum HP by 5. It can be bought for 2900 coins and sold for 2175 coins.

Although the Mythril Shirt can be equipped to any Adept and provides a good boost to the Adept's overall durability, it has the Running Shirt to contend with on each Adept in the party in both GBA games. The Running Shirt provides a substantial and useful boost to Agility, which makes it better on some Adepts while the Mythril Shirt is better on other Adepts, such as those that have high Speed but low sturdiness in general. Ivan and Sheba are the most relevant examples of this that come to mind.

In The Lost Age, the player can obtain the unique Golden Shirt, which is a stronger version of the Mythril Shirt, having more Defense and HP (but ironically, less Coin value). It will be useful to equip on one of the Adepts that would otherwise be wearing a Mythril Shirt, but since you can only get one of it, the Mythril Shirt does not become necessarily obsolete.

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