"Princess of the sea spirits."

SummonIconNereid.gif Nereid is a Summon sequence of the Mercury element. When two Djinn of the Mercury Element are on standby, the Nereid Summon sequence can be activated. It resembles a purple-haired girl, in Japanese clothing and holding fans, arrive riding a giant tortoise and summoning an enormous water spout to engulf the enemy party.

Nereid has a base Mercury power of 60 and also does additional damage equivalent to 6% of the enemy’s maximum HP. Nereid is exactly the equivalent to two usages of the Mercury summon sequences, with no actual bonus to put it ahead of Mercury aside from using the equivalent of two Mercury summons in one turn.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn[edit | edit source]

In Dark Dawn, Nereid takes the form of a woman riding a blue horse through the water. She brandishes a pink trident above her head which causes tidal waves to crash over the foes.

Cultural Allusions[edit | edit source]

Origin: Greece

The Nereids were the fifty sea nymph daughters of Nereus and Doris in Greek mythology. They often accompany Poseidon and are friendly towards sailors braving storms. They are also often associated with the Mediterranean Sea.

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