Golden Sun Universe

A Ninja Hood is a Hat-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun. It is acquired randomly as a prize from Tolbi's Lucky Medal Spring. Visually, the Ninja Hood resembles a grey piece of soft headwear surrounded in a blood-red aura.

It's the best speed-enhancing wearable headgear-class item, so try to have multiple copies of them, especially in The Lost Age, where you have 8 adepts.

The Ninja Hood features a defense rating of 28, and it increases the wearer's base Agility by 20 points. It is bought for 2800 coins while its resale value is 2100 coins. As a hat, it can be worn by all Adepts.

This headwear is one of the many pieces of equipment that can be won at Tolbi's spring and be used to outfit your party, replacing their outdated equipment. Its fairly significant boost to Agility is quite useful to an Adept with a naturally low Speed rating, so it would be a good fit on Garet while his class is part of the Guard series. The other headwear that can be won at the spring are the Adept's Helm, which increases total PP by 20%, and the Glittering Tiara, which can be Used to perform the effect of an Elixer. A Ninja's Hood is easily better than the Glittering Tiara, so a copy of this headwear may be useful as well. Isaac may be better off with an Adept's Helm because his base class series' agility is naturally higher than Garet's, so he can make use of the PP boosting effect.

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