Golden Sun Universe

The snowy Northern Reaches.

The Northern Reaches are a large region of perma-frozen land and (mostly) year round pack ice in the extreme north of Weyard, far above Weyard's would-be Arctic circle.


It somewhat resembles the peninsula at the north of Angara where Imil is located, and Tundaria. The Northern reaches are connected by land to the north of Angara, but are not considered part of that continent.

The only known settlement in the northern reaches is Prox, a town inhabited by scale skinned dragon like humanoids that are very resistant to the extremely cold temperatures. The only other point of interest is Mars Lighthouse which is situated just north of Prox.

The edge of the northern reaches is constantly crumbling and falling into the abyss, threatening the citizens of Prox. This is a major plot point in the Golden Sun series.


Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Pteranodon 31 242 291 100 166 341 174 Star jupiter.gif Nut.gif Nut 1/16
Slayer 31 220 300 90 158 344 254 Star jupiter.gif Sleep Bomb.gif Sleep Bomb 1/32
Talon Runner 31 228 303 88 159 367 215 Star jupiter.gif Bramble Seed.gif Bramble Seed 1/32
Wargold 31 202 303 78 181 321 226 Star jupiter.gif Oil Drop.gif Oil Drop 1/16
Wolfkin 31 213 309 89 174 337 219 Star mars.gif Weasels Claw.gif Weasel's Claw 1/16

The ice floes.

The Northern Reaches also refers to a small section of the far north Western Sea which is just off the coast (if you can call pack ice coast) of the Northern Reaches. This area is thick with ice bergs and can only be passed through by using a cannon and the Magma Ball to explode a large chunk of ice that is blocking the way to the mainland area from the Western Sea. This is a non-overworld area similar to the Sea of Time.

Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Grand Chimera 34 313 336 109 168 396 300 Star mercury.gif Mist Potion.gif Mist Potion 1/64
Hydra 30 276 288 82 102 408 317 Star mars.gif Antidote.gif Antidote 1/16
Phoenix 33 281 344 112 243 3750 286 Star mercury.gif Water of Life.gif Water of Life 1/64
Spiral Shell 30 155 268 92 117 236 129 Star mars.gif Elixir.gif Elixir 1/32
Turtle Dragon 30 340 305 100 117 424 251 Star mars.gif Blessed Mace.gif Blessed Mace 1/128
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