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Nowell is a minor character in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. She is the daughter of Mia and, along with her brother, Rief, is one of Kraden's pupils. Her Japanese name, Noble, appears to fit the theme implied by Rief's Japanese name, Crown. Like her mother and brother, Nowell is a Mercury Adept and apparently has access to Cold Snap or some equivalent. She is highly anticipated by fans to be a playable character should there be a sequel to Dark Dawn.


Nowell travels with Kraden and Rief investigating ancient ruins and artifacts. At some point, she travels with Kraden to Carver's Camp to meet with Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis, who are on a quest to find the Mountain Roc in Morgal. The intention is to meet Matthew's group there before crossing into Bilibin and eventually Morgal, but they find that the only bridge has been destroyed by a Psynergy Vortex. Thus, Nowell, Kraden, and Rief travel to the Konpa Ruins, leaving a message for Matthew to meet them there.

Nowell's Mercury powers allow the group to bypass Konpa Ruins itself, instead entering the caves beneath, which lead up to Bilibin and down to Ei-Jei. However, they find a large Psynergy Vortex in the area. After Rief is nearly drawn in by the vortex, Kraden and Nowell attempt to investigate a strange machine near the Vortex. However, Nowell is nearly shot by a mysterious group of soldiers. By this time, luckily, Matthew's group has found the path through the Konpa Ruins and arrive in time to fight off the soldiers.

After the battle, Nowell and Kraden realize that Rief has been kidnapped by a swordsman named Blados, and a masked man. The two men force the two groups to split up by threatening to leave Rief at one of the two exits. Matthew's group takes the southern exit (where they eventually find Rief), while Nowell and Kraden travel to Bilibin. They find that they are unable to cross into Morgal from Bilibin, due to the border being closed as a result of tensions between the two countries. Instead, Kraden sends a message to Piers to pick them up in his ship. Instead of leaving at Belinsk's port, Nowell decides to remain with Piers, having humorously fallen in love with him. She is assumed to remain with Piers through the end of the game.