Osenia, a large continent, now borders Indra to the northwest. To the south is the frigid continent Tundaria.

Osenia is a large continent in Weyard, similar in size to Angara and Gondowan, though it has fewer settlements than those two, so it is likely that Osenia's population is not as large. Aside from Tundaria, Osenia is the eastern-most continent proper on Weyard. There are other land masses further east, but they do not count as continents in their own right. Most of Osenia's coast is on the Eastern Sea, though a small section in the south-west is greeted by the Western Sea.



Air's Rock, the most obvious reference to real-world Australia.

Geographically, Osenia is dominated by a huge mountain range called the Balloo Range which is impassable by land and forms a barrier between the continents western and eastern regions. Other major features include the Yampi Desert in the north-west, the Osenia Cliffs (in the west) which formed a land bridge between Osenia and the nearby continent of Indra when Indra collided with Osenia and Air's Rock, a colossal mountain which rises from a desert region in the continent's center.

Overworld RegionsEdit

Osenia's overworld can be divided into two large regions according to the Monsters battled there in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

West OseniaEdit

Western Osenia is the larger of the two and approximately two thirds of the Continent's land mass, it is west of the Balloo Range. This region contains the large city of Alhafra on the northern coast, the Yampi Desert south of it, the Osenia Cliffs in the far west, Mikasalla in the south-west, Garoh east of Mikasalla and north of Garoh Air's Rock. Also of note is Osenia Cavern.

Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Dino 10 82 84 23 35 40 39 Star jupiter Herb Herb 1/16
Kobold 10 77 80 17 47 40 45 Star jupiter Oil Drop Oil Drop 1/16
Momonga 10 53 66 16 51 29 31 Star jupiter Weasels Claw Weasel's Claw 1/32
Troll 9 101 73 16 14 30 34 Star mars Nut Nut 1/32
Mercury Djinni (Sour) (unique) 12 291 75 19 57 130 152 Star mars N/A N/A

East OseniaEdit

Eastern Osenia is smaller than the western region and contains only two areas: the quiet but gameplay-important fishing town of Yallam in the far north. And the optional dungeon-style area of Taopo Swamp in the south-west.

Monster Name LVL HP ATK DEF AGI EXP Coins Weakness Drop Drop Rate
Alec Goblin 22 147 190 48 91 126 146 Star jupiter Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb 1/32
Death Cap 22 117 159 19 90 48 56 Star mars Sleep Bomb Sleep Bomb 1/32
Dire Wolf 22 155 186 44 101 118 114 Star mars Weasels Claw Weasel's Claw 1/32
Ghost Mage 22 161 168 43 86 80 110 Star jupiter Bramble Seed Bramble Seed 1/16
Mad Vermin 22 131 164 22 67 55 80 Star mars Herb Herb 1/32
Numb Ant 22 101 172 57 91 111 111 Star mars Bramble Seed Bramble Seed 1/32
Ravager 22 189 185 47 60 90 95 Star mars Elixir Elixir 1/32
Undead 22 165 180 27 58 74 90 Star mars Antidote Antidote 1/16

Real World InspirationEdit

Osenia is loosely modeled on the South Pacific region and Oceania in the real world. In particular it bears a resemblance with Australia due to Air's Rock, which is similar to Australia's Ayers Rock; both are also situated near the center of their respective continents. This similarity is especially noteworthy in that if the player zooms out on the world map (using L) they will see that the desert surrounding Air's Rock is shaped in a likeness to Australia, having dents where the real-world Gulf of Carpenteria and Great Australian Bight would be.

The final reference is the presence of the Emu, a native Australian bird, in Yampi Desert and Air's Rock. Outside of these deserts however, the actual settlements, bestiary and remainder of the geography of Osenia has little to no resemblance of any real-world South Pacific country.

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