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The Passaj Mountain Climb is a dungeon-style location in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, located northeast of Harapa. It must be passed through each time the player needs to go to or come out from the settlement of Passaj, which is at the top of the mountain peak that the Mountain Climb leads up to.


The name specifically refers to the location in lower-central Angara that must be climbed up to reach the mountain town of Passaj at its top. The location is a source of the mineral Zol, which is mined by the people of Passaj. Passaj's miners take advantage of Zol's wind-related properties to float Zol up the mountain on naturally occurring updrafts.

The Mountain Climb also forms an integral part of Passaj's defenses. The citizens of Passaj have used the advantage their heights give them in fending off multiple attacks from the expansionist country of Kaocho. However, a recent attack resulted in one of the ladder's being cut, limiting the ability to scale the peak.

After awakening the Alchemy Forge upon the first visit to Passaj, a Zol-based elevator will be activated, allowing for quick travel up and down the Mountain. According to Baghi in Passaj, the elevator had never before been activated in his lifetime.



  • Leather Boots.gif Leather Boots: visible in the first area, slide down after climbing up to reach chest.
  • Blow Mace.gif Blow Mace: at the third floor, use the zol to get it.


  • Venus djinn.gif Bark: at the third floor, go down the slope from the right area of the map.
  • Mars djinn.gif Brand: getting it after recovering the Sol Mask, by walking above the city ramparts


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