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Piers' uncle resides in their family home in Lemuria, and is Piers' last living relative.

Piers' uncle lives in Lemuria, and is the effective father figure to Piers (as Piers' father had died when he was young). He and his sister (Piers' mother) took care of Piers for many years until Piers was abruptly washed out of Lemuria by Poseidon's tidal wave. During this time, Piers' mother eventually died from the shock of the sudden loss of her son, which proved too big a burden for her weak heart, leaving Piers' uncle alone in Lemuria.

He is quite happy to see Piers when he, now traveling with Felix, has returned to Lemuria. However, the reunion is not a joyous occasion, as he solemnly tells his nephew of his sister's fate. In the face of this grim news, Piers leaves the party momentarily to mourn at his mother's grave. Afterwards, Piers' uncle sends a message via bird to Lunpa the Righteous Thief, so that he will meet with the traveling band of Adepts, and inform them of Piers' true mission.

Like all Lemurians, Piers' uncle is a Mercury Adept.

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