Golden Sun Universe

Platinum Circlet is a Circlet-class headwear available throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game[]

It increases the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 29 points. As a common item, it can be bought repeatedly from Vendors for 4200 coins each and sold for 3150 coins each.

In Golden Sun, Platinum Circlets are sold in Lunpa and Lalivero, and can be equipped by Ivan and Mia. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, they are sold in Izumo and Contigo, and can be equipped by Jenna and Sheba. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, they are sold in BelinskPort Rago, and Saha Town, and can be equipped by KarisRiefAmiti, and Himi.


When first available, Platinum Circlets are only a few points stronger, Defensively, than the headwear Ivan and Mia will likely possess, such as the Guardian Circlet, the Glittering Tiara, and the Ninja Hood, to name a few. In addition, before Lunpa's vendors open, the player must complete Lunpa Fortress, where the Mythril Circlet, the best circlet in the game, is available. Thus Platinum Circlets would likely see little use, unless the player has missed one of these Artifacts while exploring the various areas.

In The Lost Age, the player's two mages, Jenna and Sheba, are likely to have the Nurse's Cap and the Clarity Circlet. A Platinum Circlet is an excellent upgrade over the former, but not necessarily the latter, as the Clarity Circlet also provides a useful boost to Jupiter Power. One advantage to the Platinum Circlet is its early availability; a player can buy one essentially as soon as they gain the Lemurian Ship. Note that if this game is being played without any data transfer or with a Password that's either Bronze or Silver-level, when Isaac's party joins Felix, Ivan and Mia will be equipped with Platinum Circlets, which are inferior to the equipment Felix's party will surely have collected by that point.

In Dark Dawn, the player will have access to a variety of headwear that rivals the Platinum Circlet around the time it is available, and would generally only see short use as a placeholder. Later on, Himi will join the party with a Platinum Circlet as her starting headwear. By this point, the Platinum Circlet will be completely outclassed by the equipment the player has access to, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

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