Poison Flow.gif Poison Flow is a Jupiter attack Psynergy unique to the Dark Mage class series. Since the only requirement is to equip the Tomegathericon, any character can use it, provided they reach level 33; Ivan and Sheba, being Jupiter adepts, are the ones who can make best use of it.

Poison Flow costs 28 PP, can hit up to 5 targets, and has a base power of 125. The high PP cost is justified by the fact that Poison Flow has a chance to inflict venom on each target; in fact, it is the only Psynergy in the game that can inflict this status.

Other than Poison Flow, the only method's of envenoming a foe that exist are the Venus Djinn Bane and Wheeze, the Unleashed powers of the weapons Wicked Mace, Pirate's Sabre, and Darksword, and the Summon Haures. Poison Flow manifests as lashing strands of deep red wind being emitted from the caster to batter the victims.

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