Prophet's Hat is a Hat-class piece of armor found throughout the Golden Sun series. Visually, the Prophet's Hat resembles a green witch's hat in the first two games. As of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the Prophet's Hat now resembles a dark blue witch's Hat, with a red band.

Basic Description by Game Edit

A Prophet's Hat increases the wearer's base Defense by 30 points. It can also be Used as an item to emulate the Curse Psynergy to inflict Death Curse on one enemy (which is apparently what the vaguely worded in-game description of "Predicts being downed" refers to). It is bought for 4600 coins while its resale value is 3450. If broken, it can be sold for 2300 coins or repaired for 1150.

It is acquired as a rare drop from a Dread Hound found in Altmiller Cave in Golden Sun and inside Gaia Rock in Golden Sun: The Lost Age; fell it with a Mercury Djinni to increase the chance it will drop this item by four times. In Dark Dawn, the Prophet's Hat is now a singular Artifact, found in a chest in Passaj's treasure vault, and is only available after the Alchemy Forge has been completely revived. As a hat, it can be worn by all Adepts.

Analysis Edit

This armor is one of the often-missed pieces of equipment in Golden Sun because it can only be found as a rare monster drop, and among rarely-dropped items this does not seem so spectacular in effect. By nature, the Countdown effect is not all that potentially powerful because it takes seven turns to work, and most standard battles take fewer turns. The defense rating is what the hat really has going for it, and if you find this and, in Golden Sun, one of your Adepts is currently wearing a standard-issue Guardian Circlet bought from nearby Tolbi, which has 25 defense, then the Prophet's Hat is a good incremental upgrade.

In The Lost Age, however, better equipment will be available by the time you reach Gaia Rock, so unless one of your Adepts is underequipped the Prophet's Hat will do little good for players (except those wishing to collect all the equipment).

In Dark Dawn, the Prophet's Hat is acquired at an earlier portion of the game compared to previous games, and could only be definitively replaced once reaching Morgal, due to the comparatively high Defensive boost. As before, the use-effect is not very practical, and thus the Prophet's Hat will be used for its Defensive abilities. It is a good choice for any of the mage-style Adepts, as Matthew and Tyrell will have access to Artifact headgear that is even more useful in upcoming dungeons.

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