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Getting Forge, the Mars Djinn

The Psynergy Training Grounds are a series of four large areas in Patcher's Place that serve as the second general dungeon-style area in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Matthew, Tyrell, and Karis are required to come here and complete these trials in order to get the Gate Card for the Konpa Ruins, and progress with the game.


The Psynergy Training Grounds essentially serve multiple purposes. It allows young Adepts to practice and hone their abilities, as well as learn the history behind the journey of the now infamous Warriors of Vale. It was created sometime after the Golden Sun event, and presents the journey in a theme park environment.

The man-made obstacles throughout the grounds have been designed to be throwbacks to the classic scenarios and battles the original Warriors of Vale underwent in Golden Sun and The Lost Age, with each of the four areas representing the journey to its Elemental Lighthouse. In all the areas the rate at which running around restores Psynergy Points is much higher. In addition, there are many signs which explain various bits of history regarding the journey; in some cases, these signs are the only mention of certain Encyclopedia entries.

The first trial requires the player to complete 4 obstacle courses, with a time limit of ten minutes for each section. Each area features two boss challenges, which are essentially wooden representations of certain bosses encountered in the previous games; in order to progress, most bosses must be "defeated" by burning them using Fireball. The Mercury Area's bosses represents Isaac's battles with Tret and Saturos, while The Venus area shows his battle with the Kraken, and the battle atop the Lighthouse against Saturos and Menardi. The Jupiter Area showcases Felix's battles with Poseidon and his battle atop the lighthouse against Karst and Agatio. The final area, Mars, showcases the combined party's battle against Karst and Agatio as well as a final boss, which varies slightly depending on the run.

During the area's first run, the final boss is a standard boss battle against the Dim Dragon, a scaled down, wooden and mechanical representation of the Doom Dragon. Defeating the Dim Dragon allows the player to gain the Gate Card.

After completing the challenge, a harder version becomes available, allowing the player to complete the same courses with stricter time limits and a tougher boss, the Dim Dragon Plus. In the harder challenge, the player is allowed 2 minutes to complete the Mercury area, 3 minutes to complete the Venus area, 4 minutes to complete the Jupiter area, and 3 minutes to complete the Mars area. Completing the harder challenge allows Matthew to retry any area in order to improve his time without having to complete the whole challenge. After the Dim Dragon Plus is defeated, the player will receive a Water of Life.