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A Psynergy Vortex tears down a bridge in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Psynergy Vortex is an anomalous phenomenon that appears as one of the first causes for concern in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Psynergy Vortexes are phenomena that suck the elemental Psynergy from both the land and power-wielding Adepts alike, and are spreading across the world.

Prior to the events of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn a Psynergy Vortex of incredible size appeared, and was known as the Mourning Moon for the incredible misery it produced. Apparently, Vortexes on this scale are seen once every ten years.

The specifics behind the Psynergy Vortexes are largely unexplained as of Dark Dawn, but Isaac states that "The vortexes are pure anti-Psynergy created by exceptionally dense concentrations of Psynergy." Vortexes ordinarily are no larger than a tree stump, but vortexes that are large enough that two full-grown people could fit inside its diameter are met with alarm. When an outbreak of large vortexes like these occurs around ten years after the previous such outbreak, it is believed to be the cause of the next Mourning Moon appearance.

Some like Isaac and Carver believe that the phenomenon has some sort of unseen tie with the current status of Mt. Aleph. Carver also seems to believe that if this decade's outbreak of vortexes "can be stopped", then the Mourning Moon won't emerge.

Psynergy Vortexes in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn[]

  • The first Psynergy Vortex is seen in the Abandoned Mine, where it has absorbed Tyrell's Psynergy, who had unknowingly strayed too close to it, and absorbed one of Garet's fireballs. The mine was also known to contain many Psynergy Stones, but the ones near the Psynergy Vortex contained no Psynergy, and simply shattered on contact. After defeating the Tangle Bloom, the Vortex dissipates.
  • The second Vortex is encountered at Carver's Camp, where it appears in the middle of the bridge to eastern Angara, destroying it. Carver launches himself across with the aid of some adepts, but otherwise the route is impassible and Matthew's group simply head off in search of another route.
  • The third Vortex seen in Konpa Cave, where it appears near a strange device. The Vortex puts Rief in a trance and he mindlessly walks toward it, before being kidnapped by Blados. This forces Matthew and co to head out the ruin's south exit.
  • The fourth and final Vortex is seen after the game's final credits roll, near the bridge right outside the Lookout Cabin, but the game ends without further elaboration.

Encyclopedia Entry[]

"These are distortions in space that suck the elemental energy out of the world-and from Adepts.

They're thought to be an aftereffect caused by the Golden Sun event."

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