Golden Sun Universe

The Quick Boots are Boots available in both Golden Sun games. They can be won as a prize at the slot machines, located in Tolbi in Golden Sun and in Contigo in The Lost Age, and therefore multiple pairs of Quick Boots can be obtained.

The Quick Boots increase the wearer's defense by 3 and agility by 20. Obviously, they are worn more for their agility boost than the defense increase. They can be bought for 2100 coins and sold for 1575 coins.

The enormous agility boost these boots give can go quite a ways in making each game easier. It would be especially good on Mia, for example, to ensure that her ability to heal the party happens before the enemy makes its move. If you keep Garet in his default Guard class series, this can be extremely useful in filling in his deficient Agility rating, though since he is supposed to be a physically attacking warrior in concept, you would have to measure this against the Hyper Boots, the boots that increase the Adepts' chance to Unleash with weapons and thus is the main Boot that the Quick Boots has to compete with on each Adept.

In The Lost Age, the player can receive the unique Golden Boots, which is a directly superior upgrade to the Quick Boots, offering more Agility and much more Defense. This is something you would want to have equipped on at least one of your party members that would otherwise be equipped with the Quick Boots, but since you only get one of it, that does not make the Quick Boots necessarily obsoleted.

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