Golden Sun Universe

The Saha Cistern is an underground area that runs between the towns of Saha and Kolima Village. It appears in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


When Matthew's party first arrives in Saha, they discover that the gate between Saha and Kolima Village has been closed due to fears about the Dream Tree's curse. However, the party is able to get to Kolima by means of the Cistern, which is accessed through Saha's two wells. After the Dream Tree is cured and the Crush Tusk is obtained, players can retrieve the Jupiter Djinni Wisp.


When entering Saha, first travel down the well on the Western side of town. Though you can see a Jupiter Djinni nearby, the path is inaccessible. However, you can use Move on the small rock near the Djinni. Slide it into place for later, and exit the Cistern.

This time, enter the eastern well. You will have to Move a crate to be able to access the well. Follow the only accessible pathway (you will see a large rock blocking the second path). Use Grip to cross the water, and climb up the well to enter Kolima Village.

After gaining Crush, enter either from the Kolima side, or from Saha's eastern well, and use Crush on the large rock blocking the path. Follow the newly opened path to its end to gain the Jupiter Djinni Wisp.


  • Wisp: Below the town, use the wells to access the Saha Cistern. The psynergies Move and Crush are needed.