Golden Sun Universe


Lalivero's sanctum is typical of the sanctumns found across Weyard

A Sanctum is the place to go to when affected by certain status effects. They are generally run by Great Healers, although these healers can often be found outside sanctums as well. Generally, Sanctums have large double-doors and a series of chairs with a path up the middle, leading up to an altar where the healer is found.

They are very much similar to real-life churches, although the healers never mention religion, simply that they are "spreading goodwill". The only exception to this is in The Lost Age in Kibombo during the ritual. When you talk to the Great Healer up on the cliff he talks about the religion of the Kibombo as idolatry.


Sanctums provide the following services:

  • Revive: this fully heals any downed Adepts in the party, which is the same effect as the Revive Psynergy and Water of Life.
  • Cure Poison: this removes any poison or venom from one of the party's Adepts. This is the same as using an Antidote or the Cure Poison Psynergy.
  • Repel Evil: This removes the Haunt effect from afflicted Adepts. This is one of the only ways to remove Haunt when not in battle.
  • Remove Curse: This unequips any Cursed items from Adepts, and is the only way of removing them. It does not remove the Curse from the item, so re-equipping it will require another dose of "Remove Curse" to get rid of. The only way to safely use cursed equipment is to equip the Adept with the Cleric's Ring.

All Sanctums require a "donation" for their services. The amount is based on the character's level.


By holding down L and Start while loading the game, the player will resume in the sanctum of the last town visited, rather than the exact point that they had saved at.