Golden Sun Universe
"Stun a foe with a blast attack."

Scorch when used in battle.

Mars djinn.gif Scorch is a Mars Djinni found in Golden Sun, and is numerically the fourth Mars Djinni in the games' official Djinni ordering.


Scorch is reached by moving this statue in front of the waterflow.

Scorch is present in the portion of Kalay Tunnel accessible from the upper right cave entrance in the main town area of Kalay as soon as you arrive to Kalay for the first time. Upon entering the tunnel through the cave entrance concealed by a statue at the upper right of the town area, you are immediately in Scorch's vicinity. Push the nearby statue all the way left so that it blocks the water flowing out of the wall, and simply climb to Scorch and collect it.


When Set, it increases base HP by 8 and base Attack by 3.

When Scorch's battle effect is used, the user attacks a target and produces a fiery explosion upon impact, dealing a Mars-based attack equal in power to the user's normal physical attack with an additional 50 damage points added to the result. There is then a chance that the target will be afflicted by Stun.

Ability analysis[]

In Golden Sun, Scorch has a higher added damage value than the other two offensive Mars Djinn, Fever and Torch, and since there are no Mars Djinn in either game that have damage multipliers, for the first game Scorch is as strong as you're going to get in terms of reliable Mars damage. (Torch, however, has a chance to ignore half of the enemy's defense rating, letting it deal sharply more damage to the target than Scorch on occasion.) Stun is always an excellent secondary effect, which most likely places it as better even than Torch for the purposes of winning battles. 50 additional points of damage is somewhat substantial for when Scorch can be first acquired in the middle of the game.

In The Lost Age, when Isaac's party joins Felix's party along with their returning Djinn, Scorch's ability makes it a second Char, a Mars Djinni found in TLA that is numerically that game's fourth Mars Djinni and is identical in effect. As before, Scorch and Char can be equally practical for the Stun chance backed up by satisfactory power ratings, though the Mars Djinni with the highest added damage rating is Fury with 70 points (though its secondary effect is Haunt, oft viewed to be far less beneficial).

Name Origin[]

To be scorched is to be burned by extreme heat. Heat is relevant in all Mars Djinn.

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