The Seer (Jupiter) class series is a dual-elemental class series available to the Jupiter Adepts Sheba and Ivan, and to a lesser extent, the Venus Adepts Isaac and Felix. Both varieties of Adepts require Venus and Jupiter Djinn to become this class series.

This class series is very easily confused with the Seer (Mercury) class series, with which it shares its statistic shifts and the name of every single class in the series. The only difference between the two is their non-Venus Psynergy series.

The class series, when at its highest stage of Oracle and compared to the other series at their highest respective stages, has very high PP, good Agility, and average Attack, but lower Defense and below average HP - the Oracle of the Seer (Mercury) class series is the same in all of these areas. Both series' luck ratings are at the standard. Noteworthy Psynergy from an endgame perspective includes Revive, Potent Cure, and Ward/Resist (contrast Ward and Resist with the Mercury variation's Pure Wish, Cure Poison, and Break), and the heaviest area-of-effect Psynergy it has is Wild Growth (the Mercury variation has this, but also has the stronger Froth Spiral). Average stats from an endgame perspective are 148% (158% if you don't factor in Luck).

Statistical InfluenceEdit

Seer (Jupiter) class series
Class Name Djinn HP PP ATK DEF AGI LCK
Jupiter Adepts Venus Adepts
Seer (Jupiter) 1 Star venus unavailable 90% 130% 90% 90% 110% 100%
Diviner (Jupiter) 2-3 Star venus unavailable 110% 140% 100% 100% 120% 100%
Shaman (Jupiter) 4-5 Star venus 6 Star jupiter 120% 150% 110% 110% 130% 100%
Druid (Jupiter) 6 Star venus, 1 Star jupiter 7 Star jupiter, 1 Star venus 150% 170% 130% 130% 150% 100%
Oracle (Jupiter) 7 Star venus, 2 Star jupiter unavailable 170% 180% 140% 140% 160% 100%

Psynergy SetupEdit

Lvl Psynergy PP Range Power
1 Star venus Cure 3 Range 1
2 Star jupiter Bolt 4 Range 1 20
3 Star venus Growth 4 Range 1 25
6 Star jupiter Flash Bolt 7 Range 3 40
7 Star jupiter Ward 3 Range 1
Class must be Shaman or higher.
10 Star venus Cure Well 7 Range 1
12 Star venus Mad Growth 10 Range 3 60
18 Star jupiter Bind 4 Range 1
19 Star venus Revive 15 Range 1
Class must be Shaman or higher.
22 Star jupiter Blue Bolt 14 Range 3 90
23 Star jupiter Resist 5 Range all
Class must be Shaman or higher.
26 Star venus Potent Cure 10 Range 1
29 Star venus Wild Growth 19 Range 5 110
31 Star jupiter Drain 3 Range 1 50
39 Star jupiter Psy Drain 0 Range 1


This class series has decent statistics, but to a weak pysnergy line up, which is not the most appealing prospect beyond the middle portions of the game. Although one extra adept with Revive never hurt anyone, there are other classes that can use revive.

One use for this class, however, is the Colosso Finals. By trading Venus and Jupiter Djinn between Isaac and Ivan to make Isaac a Ninja will put Ivan into this class, subsequently causing him to learn the Growth series. This allows Ivan to use Growth in the finals, Mia to use Douse and Frost when needed, and Garet free to do any Moving necessary.

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