Silk Robe is a common Robe-class bodywear available throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game Edit

In all its appearances, Silk Robe will increase the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 20 points. As a common item, it can be bought repeatedly from Vendors for 1400 coins each and sold for 1050 coins each.

In Golden Sun, Silk Robes are sold in Xian and Altin, and can be equipped by Ivan and Mia. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, they are sold in Naribwe and Kibombo, and can be equipped by Jenna and Sheba. In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, they are sold in Passaj, but are only available after the player has activated the Alchemy Forge, but before the player leaves for the Clouds of Passaj. Silk Robes can be equipped by KarisRiefAmiti, and Himi.

Analysis Edit

In Golden Sun, Silk Robes are not a recommended purchase. Silk Robes give only a minor Defensive Boost compared to previously equipped bodywear such as the Adept's Clothes and the Fur Coat. In addition, Silk Robes lack the additional benefits that these items give. For example, the Adept's Clothes have a slight increase in PP makes it equal to, if not outright better than, Silk Robes, and the Fur Coat increases Mercury Resistance. If there is to be any body armor-buying at Xian, only the Robe artifact, the China Dress, is recommended , as it has a Use effect.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Silk Robes run into much the same problems as in the previous game; Your two mage-style Adepts Jenna and Sheba will most likely both be equipped with nothing lower than Adept's Clothes, and it is possible one of them will be equipped with the Full Metal Vest while Felix is equipped with a Psynergy Armor. Buying a Silk Robe would essentially be a waste of 1400 coins.

In Dark Dawn, the player will already have access to such bodywear as Adept's Clothes, the Sanan Dress, and the Kimono, all of which carry additional benefits besides their Defensive boosts. Thus, the Silk Robe is not recommended for players.

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