The Silk Shirt is a Shirt available in both Golden Sun games. It can be won as a prize at the slot machines, located in Tolbi in Golden Sun and in Contigo in The Lost Age, and therefore multiple Silk Shirts can be obtained.

The Silk Shirt increases the wearer's defense by 6 and luck by 1. It can only be equipped by female Adepts, and so can only be equipped by Jenna, Sheba, and Mia. The Silk Shirt can be bought for 1800 coins and sold for 1350 coins.

A single Luck point does not amount to anywhere near as much benefit as the better sturdiness boost of the Mythril Shirt or the Agility upgrade of the Running Shirt, so this should not be worn by Mia in Golden Sun or by Jenna or Sheba in The Lost Age. To put its ineptness into perspective, if the Divine Camisole were included in the content of The Lost Age, it would have been a much improved version of the same shirt, providing more Defense and much more Luck.

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