The Slap Glove is a pair of gloves and a Psynergy-bestowing item introduced in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. The Slap Glove is unique in that it is currently the only Psynergy item that falls into one of the major equipment categories.

Basic Description Edit

The Slap Gloves increase the wearer's defense by 24 points. They also grant the wearer access to the Slap Psynergy. As a plot-important item, they cannot be bought or sold.

The Slap Glove is given to Matthew by Ryu Kou in Kolima Junction, but only temporarily. Ryu Kou takes them back shortly after the party defeats the Mountain Roc. Like most Glove-class armor, the Slap Glove can be equipped by all Adepts, making it the only Psynergy item in Dark Dawn that is not limited to Adepts of a certain element.

Analysis Edit

As defensive equipment, the Slap Glove will fall short compared to most handwear the party has acquired. Thus, the Slap Glove's main usage is for its ability to grant the Slap Psynergy. Karis is a likely candidate for the Slap Glove, as Slap is Jupiter-based. The Slap Psynergy is useful in the upcoming battle for disabling the Mountain Roc's Stone Molt. Since Karis has naturally high Jupiter Power, Slap's power will be increased, and thus will be more useful.

Since the Slap Glove will be taken from the player's possession after the battle, it is important to retain the previous handwear of whichever Adept had the Slap Gloves, to re-equip following the relevant cutscenes. In any case, the Slap Glove becomes irrelevant, as Sveta, who joins the party in Belinsk Ruins, knows Slap naturally.

Story Edit

As stated by Tret, the Slap Glove is a treasure held by the Fang Tribe, the Beastmen royal family. It allows one who can't learn it naturally to use the Slap Psynergy, a unique ability notable for being the only means to awaken the Mountain Roc. In addition, it is stated in the game that one needn't be an adept to use the gloves, as demonstrated by Ryu Kou using them to get through Belinsk Ruins.

The glove appears to have been in Sveta's possession originally before being given to Ryu Kou and Hou Zan, possibly having been tucked inside Hou Ju's bag. The two Sanans proceeded to use the glove to navigate the Teppe Ruins and reach Morgal. Upon joining up with Matthew, they gave him the Slap Glove to help with the Mountain Roc in exchange for assistance in rescuing Ryu Kou's sister, Hou Ju, from Belinsk. Ryu Kou, however, sensing hesitation in Matthew's party, took back the Slap Glove, as well as taking the Magma Orb and a single Magma Shard in order to enter Belinsk Ruins and rescue his sister alone. It is unknown if he ever returned the glove or if he still has it.

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