A Sleep Ring is a Ring-class piece of equipment found in Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In both games it can be won as a prize at the Lucky Wheels minigame that uses Game Tickets and is found and played at Tolbi in the first game and at Contigo in the second. Its buy value is 1400 coins and its sell value is 1050, its sell value while broken is 700, and its repair value is 350.

The Sleep Ring does not provide any statistics boosts while equipped. Rather, it is Used as an item by an Adept able to equip it in battle (but it does not actually have to be equipped, needing only be in that Adept's inventory) to emulate the Sleep Psynergy to attempt to inflict up to 3 enemies with the Sleep status condition.

While this can be placed in the inventory of an Adept that does not have the Sleep Psynergy so that the Adept has access to that specific effect as well, it's entirely up to the player whether they consider trying to inflict the Sleep status condition onto multiple enemies valuable as opposed to simply KO'ing them with normal battling routines.

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