A Soul Ring is a Ring-class item coded in Golden Sun: The Lost Age; However, it is not acquirable by any means within the game. It can only be accessed through a hacking device such as an Action Replay. Visually, the Soul Ring resembles a ring with a large yellow jewel in the outline shape of an eyeless Yang symbol.

The Soul Ring, as with other rings, is used for its effect strictly. It emulates the effect of the Revive Psynergy, reviving a fallen party member to full health with full accuracy. This is the only item that can be used to do that; in all other cases it must either be with Revive Psynergy, Water of Life, Venus Djinni Quartz, Mars Djinni Spark, Mars Djinni Tinder, Mercury Djinni Dew, Mercury Djinni Balm, or reviving at a Sanctum. It is bought for 1800 coins while its resale value is 1350 coins. Its repair cost is 450 coins.

The Soul Ring, wearable by all Adepts, would have proven to be a quite useful ring to use, being able to provide any Adept with the means to revive a fallen ally to full health without any Psynergy or Djinn. It is unknown why it was not included in the actual game if it was designed and coded. Incidentally, this is not the only ring that has been coded into The Lost Age without actually being featured; the other two such rings are the Aroma Ring and the Rainbow Ring.

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