A Spirit Armor is an Armor-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun. It is acquired randomly as a prize from Tolbi's Lucky Medal Spring. Visually, the Spirit Armor resembles green body armor, similar to the yellow Dragon Scales.

The Spirit Armor features a defense rating of 32, and it increases all four of the wearer's elemental resistances by 15. It is bought for 4000 coins while its resale value is 3000 coins. As a piece of Armor, it can be worn by Isaac and Garet in Golden Sun, and if transferred into The Lost Age also by Felix and Piers.

This armor is one of the many pieces of equipment that can be won at Tolbi's spring and be used to outfit your party, replacing their outdated equipment acquired beforehand with equipment like this. This would seem to be the most desirable of the body armor that can be won at that spring - the others being Kimono and Cocktail Dress - mainly because no armor is better at defense at that point in the game. It would doubtless be a good fit on Isaac and Garet, but for Garet one might also want to consider equipping the Kimono instead for the agility boost, for Garet is normally a slow Adept when he is under the influence of the default Guard Class series. By the time this armor will be outdated by tougher equipment like Dragon Scales, the game will be near its end.

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