The Spirit Gloves are a Glove-class piece of equipment found in Golden Sun, and are not to be confused with the Spirit Gloves in The Lost Age. It is found in a treasure chest in the Kalay Tunnel, although they do not become available until after saving Hammet from Lunpa. The Spirit Gloves increase the wearer's defense by 34 and the power rating for all elements by 5. They can be bought for 5200 coins and sold for 3900 coins. All Adepts can equip them.

The Spirit Gloves are valuable enough considering that there are relatively few pieces of equipment in Golden Sun that increase elemental power. However, they are also the only equipment in Golden Sun to increase the power of all four elements, making them fairly unique. Unfortunately, they may not see much practical use considering how little that power is increased. The Spirit Gloves are best given to an Adept whose class allows him or her to use a wide variety of elemental Psynergy, such as the Ranger and Pierrot classes, so that the varied power boosts are put to use.

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