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Star Dust.gif Star Dust is a relatively basic forgeable material in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is described as "Rare metal from space". It is found in various areas after the Lemurian Ship is acquired, such as in Taopo Swamp, and it can also be dropped rarely from a Sand Scorpion in Yampi Desert Cave (fell it with Mars Djinn to increase drop rate by four times). Being an Artifact, it can be sold and later repurchased. It can be bought for 400 coins and sold for 300 coins. It can be forged into the following items:

Forgeable Items[]

Astral Circlet.gif Astral Circlet

  • Defense: 32
  • Maximum PP: +15
  • Buying Price: 4600 coins 
  • Selling Price: 3450 coins
  • Forging Chance: 20%.

Comet Mace.gif Comet Mace

  • Attack: 105
  • UnleashIce Crush, which converts to Mercury damage, adds 34 base attack, and may also lower the target defense by 25%.
  • Buying Price: 8000 coins
  • Selling Price: 6000 coins
  • Forging Chance: 20%.

Luna Shield.gif Luna Shield

  • Defense: 33
  • Resist: Venus +30
  • Buying Price: 3900 coins 
  • Selling Price: 2925 coins
  • Forging Chance: 20%.

Planet Armor.gif Planet Armor

  • Defense: 36
  • Power: Venus +10, Mars +10, Mercury +10, Jupiter +10
  • Buying Price: 4800 coins 
  • Selling Price: 3600 coins
  • Forging Chance: 20%.

Stardust Ring.gif Stardust Ring

  • ClassRing     
  • Usage in Battle: Seal an enemy's Psynergy.
  • Buying Price: 2500 coins 
  • Selling Price: 1875 coins
  • Forging Chance: 20%.


When first found in Taopo Swamp, Star Dust is a particularly strong substance compared to the Tear Stone. It is, however, very rare early on and by the time more becomes available at Lemuria and Treasure Isle, it is of little value and by the end of the game and is practically useless.

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