Golden Sun Universe

The Swordsman (Venus) class series is a class series available to the Venus Adepts Isaac and Felix, and to a lesser extent, the Mercury Adepts Piers and Mia. Both kinds of Adepts require Mercury and Venus Djinn in order to attain this class, though with an emphasis on Mercury for the Venus Adepts and Venus for the Mercury Adepts.

This class is very similar to the Swordsman (Mars) class series, with which it shares the names of its first three classes (Swordsman, Defender, and Cavalier), as well as the statistical shifts. The two class series differ slightly in Psynergy.

The class series, when at its highest stage of Protector and compared to the other series at their highest respective stages, has high HP, good Attack, and stronger Defense, but below average Agility and PP - the Radiant of the Swordsman (Mars) class series is the same in all of these areas. Both series' luck ratings are high. Noteworthy Psynergy from an endgame perspective includes Revive (contrast this with the Mars variation's Guard/Protect), Plume Edge, Pure Wish, Pure Ply, Cure Poison, Break, and Avoid, and the heaviest area-of-effect Psynergy it has is Nettle (contrast with the Mars variation's Fiery Blast). Average stats from an endgame perspective are 145% (150% if you don't factor in Luck).

Statistical Influence[]

Swordsman (Venus) class series
Class Name Djinn HP PP ATK DEF AGI LCK
Venus Adepts Mercury Adepts
Swordsman (Venus) 1 Star mercury.gif unavailable 100% 90% 110% 110% 90% 120%
Defender (Venus) 2-3 Star mercury.gif unavailable 120% 100% 120% 120% 100% 120%
Cavalier (Venus) 4-5 Star mercury.gif 6 Star venus.gif 140% 110% 130% 130% 110% 120%
Guardian 6 Star mercury.gif, 1 Star venus.gif 7 Star venus.gif, 1 Star mercury.gif 170% 120% 140% 140% 120% 120%
Protector 7 Star mercury.gif, 2 Star venus.gif unavailable 190% 130% 150% 150% 130% 120%

Psynergy Setup[]

Lvl Psynergy PP Range Power
1 Star mercury.gif Ply 4 Range 1.gif
Class must be Defender or higher.
4 Star venus.gif Thorn 6 Range 3.gif 35
5 Star mercury.gif Cure Poison 2 Range 1.gif
6 Star mercury.gif Avoid 5 Range 1.gif
Class must be Defender or higher.
8 Star mercury.gif Wish 9 Range all.gif
Class must be Cavalier or higher.
11 Star mercury.gif Cutting Edge 5 Range 1.gif ATK+32
→Plume Edge at Guardian class 15 Range 1 gr.gif ATK+80
13 Star mercury.gif Restore 3 Range 1.gif
14 Star venus.gif Briar 11 Range 3.gif 70
16 Star mercury.gif Ply Well 8 Range 1.gif
Class must be Defender or higher.
19 Star venus.gif Revive 15 Range 1.gif
22 Star mercury.gif Wish Well 13 Range all.gif
Class must be Cavalier or higher.
30 Star mercury.gif Break 5 Range all.gif
34 Star mercury.gif Pure Ply 12 Range 1.gif
Class must be Defender or higher.
36 Star venus.gif Nettle 23 Range 5.gif 140
46 Star mercury.gif Pure Wish 20 Range all.gif
Class must be Cavalier or higher.


The Swordsman class series is basically a stronger version of the Water Seer class series, with a robustly efficient offensive Psynergy lineup. The Wish spells, however, use up a lot of PP. The minimal djinn requirement for Revive is interesting to note for the optional boss battle with Dullahan. The combination of Wish and Revive makes this class a particularly effective tanky healer.

A notable perk of the class is the Cutting Edge spell, which will make quick work of Saturos on the Mercury Lighthouse, and any other Mars aligned monster, although it quickly loses its flare against other monsters, and is quite unimpressive against Mercury aligned monsters.

If you like the Swordsman classes, you'll probably be better off bumping the Adept(s) in question into the Dragoon series as quickly as possible.