"Create a warm air current with fire energy."

Thermal is a Mars-class Utility Psynergy featured in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and used by Eoleo. Its encyclopedia entry reads as follows:

"This fire-based Psynergy creates a warm updraft strong enough to lift the user up to otherwise inaccessible heights."


Basic Description[edit | edit source]

Thermal is known inherently by Eoleo and costs 3 PP per use. Thermal is used at blocks that emit a spiraling column of fire to create an updraft, which can then be stood upon to ride up to the floor above. Once at the top, the updraft can be used as a makeshift platform for navigation. However, the updraft will cease once the player leaves the room.

The first time the party encounters one of these fire columns, a short cutscene commences, showing Eoleo using the Psynergy and giving an explanation of its use.

Utility Psynergy in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Dark Dawn
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