Triton's Ward is a Clothing-class piece of armor featured in Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Visually, the Triton's Ward resembles a tunic with a red cape.

Basic Description[edit | edit source]

The Triton's Ward increases the wearer's defense 47 points, and it increases the wearer's Mercury power by 30 and Mercury resistance by 70 points. It is bought for 21600 coins while its resale value is 16200 coins.

It is acquired as a rare drop from an Ocean Dragon in the deeper part of Treasure Isle in The Lost Age and from a chest deep within Otka Island in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. As a piece of Clothing, it can be worn by all Adepts.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The Lost Age[edit | edit source]

This armor is instantly notable for its amazing protection against attacks and Psynergy of a Mercury nature, and its increase to Mercury power helps Adepts who use Mercury Psynergy in whatever classes they might be under the influence of. Its main drawback is its single-element focus, compounded by the fact that few enemies and bosses late in the game use Mercury attacks. It might see use on Mia because she typically uses Mercury Psynergy rather than physical attack, whereas the other Mercury Adept Piers is better off with a set of Mythril Clothes because that increases Critical Hit and Unleash rate. If the party's Djinn is arranged so that Jenna's class is influenced by set Mercury Djinn, a Triton's Ward's enhancements to her Water power and longevity will greatly benefit her Psynergy.

Dark Dawn[edit | edit source]

In Dark Dawn, the Triton's Ward gives the highest boost to Mercury Resistance of any equipment. It also ties with the Heirloom Ring for the highest boost to Mercury Power. Thus, it is an excellent piece of equipment for any Adept using Mercury-based techniques. As in The Lost Age, few end game opponents use Mercury-based attacks. However, when combined with the Heirloom Ring, the Mercury Power of an Adept can be raised to maximum or near-maximum, which can be useful for a Wish user, as the power of the Wish series would double. This can be useful for the final boss and bonus boss battles, where the player must deal with high powered techniques. Additionally, the power of any Mercury-based technique would be increased as well. The main drawback of the Triton's Ward is its late availability. It can only be found after the Sol Blade has been found. Thus, it may not see much practical use compared to other pieces of equipment.

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