If anyone is reading this, then the universe is messed up. Really. I'm serious! I mean, come on; there are so many interesting people out there, why would you want to look at my page, eh? But I suppose that if you insist...

I'm really trying not to copy people here. That will probably not turn out too well, because I have a tendency to absorb things. Sort of like a sponge, actually. Funny how that works.

So... yeah. What can I say? I'm a boring, female person who has aspirations of world domination. I know, not very original, right? I mean, I'm not smart or anything. I keep trying (As in at least twice a year) to learn HTML; that makes anyone a bit weird, right? Anyway, I can't ride a bike. Jump ropes hate me. I don't go around carrying spears, or guns, or transforming into monsters. I can't wield seven foot Katana-like swords, either. Heck, I've never even had a boyfriend. I don't even have many friend.

But I'm obsessive. I suppose that's the only thing I have going for me. I'll look at something, and then research it until it dies from the intensity. This year it was Greek Mythology and a few cartoons... And a while ago- Golden Sun.

I probably shouldn't talk about how much I love those games; everyone here does, right? So... Yeah. I'm unoriginal. Oh, right! Another thing about me! I'm insane about grammar. Seriously, I get worked up over it. I correct people writing E-mails all the time. Did I mention how many issues I have?

Oh, right. Well, my favourite characters in Golden Sun are a bit... Unorthodox. I guess I'll tell you anyway, though. First and foremost is the Adept who needs a lot more love, and not just from Kushinada; Susa. Yes, you heard correctly. I'm not a 'fangirl' about anything, but Susa rocks. Don't deny it. Anyway, second up is the semi-deranged, vengeful, oddly cute Karst. She reminds me of my mother and my sister. Minus the whole killing people thing, of course.

Anyway, the other places are sort of up for grabs. Or were, at least. I know that Alex and Isaac are my third and fourth favourites, but I can't really decide which is which. Odd. In fifth place, (I know this one for sure) Saturos; everyone's favourite fake-villain. What? It's true! Moving on to an equally important subject...

All my friends think I'm weird for not obsessing over Piers (Picard is his Japanese name, squid you all). Personally, I think he's an awesome in-game character, if you bring all of his stats into consideration. As much as I despise the default classes, his (And Mia's) is (Are!) probably the one (Two, stupid self!) I can put up with the most. But in real/virtual (One and the same, really) life, I just don't get the obsession. Go ahead, hate me. I don't care.

Anyway, this is probably a bit boring. Oh, and infuriating. So... I've been researching how to properly add those... character... box... things onto your profile, so I guess we'll see if they work!

I wonder how I can properly search Templates?

--CageBreak, AKA a lot of other things

PS/Edit: What the squid?! Susa doesn't have a character... box... thing?! I've got to find out how to make one!

PS/Edit II: ... I like to speak in fragments. Not just on the computer, either.

PS/Edit III: Susa now has a Userbox. Yes, my brain does hurt from finding out that after all the pages I looked at, the answer was right here. D'oh!

PS/Edit IV: Getting to Yampi Desert Cave from Prox- three minutes. Encountering a Fire Dragon- five minutes. Encountering a Minos Knight- Two minutes. Getting three Riot Gloves- Twenty seven minutes. Getting two Dragon Skins- Three hours. Running out of battery and having to charge- Five hours. Coming back to play and encountering a Fire Dragon- About two days. Realising you have just gotten the Atropos' Rod- timeless.

PS/ Edit V: Whee! The trip is over! The bad news? I have another one in a few days. I just can't catch a break. In other news, I really want to make a Character Box for a completely non-Golden Sun character whorocks. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the attention span to create one.

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